Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Ben Show - 12 Days of Kindness

We are completely thrilled and greatly enjoying following The Ben Show's 12 Days of Kindness for Little Warrior. This is so touching and such a gift.

Ben's mama has some wonderful ideas. Check it out!

Quick Note to Our Readers with Amazon Prime

If you have Amazon Prime for free shipping, here's a quick (and cheap) way to put a smile on the face of a child with cancer -- Amazon has some great sales on toys right now. Go put one in your cart and when you check out, specify that it be sent to:

The Little Warrior Project--TCH
3526 S. Meadows St.
Alvin, TX 77511

These will go to the Candlelighter's Representative for Texas Children's Hospital. She'll distribute them to children who need a little "lift."

A good way to find things on sale is:

Amazon Toys "Movers"

Some examples:

Hannah Montana Doll -- $3.99

Scrabble Game Folio -- $4.99

Manley Art-tastic Magic Beads Fantasy Fun Medium Playset -- $5.99

As always, thank you for showing love through action!

A Visit with St. Nick

"So what should I do about Love Through Action?" I asked my best friend. "I mean, now that Little Warrior is done (we hope) with chemo, should I close it, or stop posting, or what?"

Her answer was immediate and decisive. "You must keep it going," she said. "People need to be able to see Little Warrior getting better."


You can't really tell in the video, but she is sporting a fine fuzz all over her head. No one can resist rubbing her head, including her siblings. It's like stroking velvet. She patiently tolerates it.

We got a bit of magic after our visit. Little Warrior's eldest sister asked Santa for snow. Well, it never snows in our town. Oh, maybe once a decade. Three days later, what happens but snow. So we're all pretty sure that this was the real Santa.

Wishing you magic this holiday season ...