Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Feeding the Hungry ...

I am a "feeder." Those of you who are feeders or are related to one know what I mean. I love to feed people. Just ask our nurses and fellow patients, who think that a carrier of cupcakes is permanently attached to my arm.

This week, I lost a dear member of my family to cancer, who was also a feeder. Kisses to heaven, Cousin Nell, and thanks for all the recipes over the years.

All of this is to say I really enjoyed reading about this good deed. There is more than one way to feed someone:

I have struggled to identify sufficient kindnesses to do in Little Warrior's honor. One thing that seems worth sharing is that for a long time I have made it a habit to buy a bag of groceries to go into the ‘stop hunger’ bin in the grocery store. Now I buy two and one in is her honor. I think the world would be a better place if everyone had enough to eat. -- Era

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Christy said...

I wanted to let you know that I have recently found your site and what a beautiful and strong little girl I think you have. My family has been touched with cancer multiple times, just last year we lost my husbands big brother at the age of 36 after a long battle. As a girl scout leader each year my troop donates our time to our local Relay for Life. We give our time and fill balloons, fill the sand in illuminaries and do anything they ask of us. We have done this four years in a row. This year was no diffrent. We also participate in the girls making projects in our local fair. This year my middle dd project was Ceramics and Clay, she made a blue ribbon that said Relay for Life, Cancer Sucks and it will be displayed in our local fair booth. We will be having our first girl scout meeting Sept 6th at a group campout, with your permission I would love to tell the girls about your brave little girl and make cards and possibly beaded necklaces or bracelets to send to her if that would be okay with you.