Thursday, October 16, 2008

Donating Hair

Little Warrior, in honor of your journey and to celebrate your spirit, I am growing out my hair so that I can donate it to Locks of Love. It sounds like you are going to be done with your treatments pretty soon. My hair doesn't grow that fast! I found your website in June and I've been growing my hair ever since. I still have about 2 inches to go. So, if I haven't gotten it done by the time you finish treatment, I want you to know that I will. I told my hairdresser back in June about my plan and I told her all about you!

Jody from Minnesota

Thank you, Jody! You should send us a "before" and "after" picture! Also, two other great organizations are Wigs for Kids and Pantene's Beautiful Lengths.


DandaGirl said...

Love Through Action was an amazing and encouraging idea! I was diagnosed with cancer in September and was looking through youtube videos when I found yours. They were so encouraging and that little smile made me feel like I could do this. My hair is falling out due to chemo of course but I have enough left I'd like to donate it but I don't know of any place around where I live. Do you know any links I can get that information? Little Warrior is always in my prayers! Thank you and God bless:)

Little Warrior's Mom said...

Dandagirl -- I am so sorry for your diagnosis. How generous of you to think of others during this time. If you click on the words "Wigs for Kids" or "Beautiful Lengths", above, it'll take you to those sites. Those two donate wigs to children or women dealing with chemotherapy-related hair loss.

Bless you in this challenge. Keep us up to date about your journey.

Dandagirl said...

Thank you. I mailed it off this morning. So did 6 of my friends!!

NJ Tracy Jean said...

Hey LW!
Last night my friends and I got together and made a GIGANTIC pot of soup. We packed it in quarts and froze it down. We'll give it to people who need a quick meal cuz they're sick or have a sick loved one or came to the food pantry after it was closed. I've been wanting to do this for years but I finally did it now to show you my love.