Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little Warrior Turns Five

So I've been getting emails from people wanting to know how Little Warrior is doing. As you can see, she's doing just fine. She's a year and a half off of chemo and so far, all scans have been clear. Next scans are in July. (Knock wood), Kindergarten begins in August!


plaidshoes said...

So good to see that she is doing well!

Tricia Arnts said...

Oh my gosh! Who taught her how to groove? Hehehe... As usual, too cute for words. When did she get glasses? Is she adjusting well?

Frances said...

Ahhh, Little Warrior - It warms my heart to see her doing so well. She's just so precious!
Praise God :) :)
Happy Belated 5th birthday little one. :)