Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More from "The Change"

There must be something about that sandwich shop....the girls and I stopped by this morning and we were approached by a gentleman with a toddler in the car. He said that he lived 90 miles away, was in town for a job interview, had gotten hopelessly lost, and could I please spare some money for gas. Ordinarily I would be wary of a story like this and - if anything - pull a token dollar out of my wallet. Not today, though, I thought of LW and pulled out a $10 bill to share. Was it a legit story? Who knows. Does it matter? Not today. At best, I helped a father and his son get home. At worst, I gave a con artist some money that will still - I hope - help out his young son. Either way, I did it for LW and hope that it will help spread love and grace.

"Change," I like your philosophy!
-- Little Warrior's mom

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