Monday, November 17, 2008

Good News

We got very good news today. Little Warrior had a CT and it was clear. No more cancer.


Anonymous said...

Thank G-d! I'm crying too much to write any more, just thank G-d.

Kari said...

Oh so very thankful. Angels are dancing today.

And thanks for sharing your story, and letting us care about you.

The Real Kidd said...

I have tears of joy for you and your family! What wonderful news.

The Eclectic Cleric said...

May you and your loved ones continued to be blessed in the aftermath of this long ordeal, and may your experience prove an inspiration to others now confronting similar situations in their lives.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Tears of joy for you and yours!! I am so excited for you guys!

XXXOOO kisses little warrior!

NJ Tracy Jean said...

The best news ever....that is until you hear it the next time and the next and the next....God continue to bless you all. BTW I came to tell you I was cooking soup for homeless people in your honor LW. And this is what I find!Hooo boy! Don't know how I'm gonna sleep now!

Shannon said...

The Krippendorf Family~ Wishes your Family a very BLESSED & HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :)

nomi said...

I'm not sure if you've heard of Coleman Larson? (if you're interested in reading on him and his ongoing fight, email me and I'll send you the link to his carepage) He's a little 4 year old fighting brain cancer. I was watching the latest video that his mom put up on his carepage, and when it was over I clicked to watch it again and somehow accidentally got one of your daughter's videos. I followed a link to a link to a link until I finally found your blog! What a wonderful, wonderful blessing to have clear scans!! Your daughter is simply adorable, she just shines! Many blessings on you and your family!

jessica parker said...

I just read you and your family's story...little warrior is...I don't think I have words for her...just that my spirit is moved by her...her eyes are the closest thing to angels I have ever seen. Her face is so honest and is unlike any 3 year old face I have seen...she looks wise beyond her years. I know that is clique but it is true. Please let her know that I will be thinking of her and spreading her story to the men I provide mental health therapy. I am a therapist in a prison and work with societies throw aways...her life has inspired me to listen a little longer and judge a little less.

I will kiss and hug my children a little longer tonight in her name.

God bless...she is in my thoughts!

Jessica Parker from MN