Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Random Act of Kindness -- to Little Warrior!

Two days before Thanksgiving, Little Warrior went into the hospital for hopefully her last procedure, to remove the portacath through which she received chemotherapy. We wound up spending many hours in the waiting room. While we were there, a pretty lady who was there with one sister, waiting with their other sister and her child, darted out to the gift shop and returned with a Hello Kitty balloon, candy and a cute teddy bear, which she presented to Little Warrior.

This was completely out of the blue -- I don't believe we'd exchanged any words. But she felt moved to give LW a little treat. When I enthused over this, she demurred any praise, saying that the Lord told her to do so.

What I didn't say at the time, but should have (I don't think fast on my feet, especially when I'm really touched by something) is that God/the Universe/However you view the Transcending Mystery, speaks to us all the time. Choosing to act on that is very special.

So ... a good deed done directly for LW by a stranger. I have good friends, I told someone. I have good strangers, too.

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the ben show said...

Hello again - we are going to be starting the 12 Days of Christmas Random Acts of Kindness in honor of Little Warrior tomorrow over on our blog! 12 Days - 12 Good deeds! So happy to hear that she is doing well.