Saturday, September 20, 2008

4 Great Deeds

from Barbara:

I had been thinking of what one thing I could do to honor Little Warrior but I had several opportunities that seem to come up as I guess they might when we look for them. For that I especially thank Little Warrior as they really enriched me by allowing me to become friends with some very nice people.

The first one was the opportunity to help organize a neighborhood block party. We were allowed to shut off the street traffic. For admission we collected canned foods for the area food pantry. I met some new neighbors and really had a good time.

The second was to help hang wallpaper with a new friend. It was very rewarding to spend time with her and to accomplish a redecorated room!

Then I gave one of our new puppies away to a little boy. He was so excited. I loved doing it!

The fourth was one that I would have never done before my search for good deeds for Little Warrior. An older woman was standing outside the grocery store and had several plastic bags filled with groceries. She asked me if I would take her home. Normally I would have said no or ignored her. But this time I listened. She was very nice and said she had walked a long way to the store and had brought frozen food. She was afraid the items would defrost. So I took her home and she was very appreciative. I am going to follow through and call her to see how she is doing.

Barbara Tippie
Madison Christian Church
Groveport, OH

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