Friday, September 5, 2008

A quick message from Little Warrior

For everyone who donates blood, a message from Little Warrior!


Anonymous said...

What a precious post. Keep fighting Marenna!

from Nicholas, a fellow wilms warrior.

carepage: nickerspage

Christina said...

You're welcome kiddo! That's so sweet :-) It may not have been my blood (too far away), but that's the first genuine (and best) thank you i've ever gotten!

Ali said...

You're welcome, Little Warrior. You're very, very welcome.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could donate but there's some silly rule about eating beef in Britain (mad cow) over a certain number of days and years. Oh well, instead I can encourage others to donate ... which I do ... and thank them for doing what I wish I could to help such a sweet little girl. Fortunately, there are no rules about eating beef in Britain and saying my prayers ... so that's what I can (and do) do for you! You inspire me!