Saturday, September 20, 2008

from a Childhood Cancer Survivor

Well, how about for my first good deed in little warrior's name, I tell you about my foundation and ask that you allow me to set up a section on the website dedicated to Little Warrior. I have forms on the site, and I would be able to inspire others to "get MAD! M.ake A. D.ifference today! (TM)" through your beautiful daughter.

Alex, 13, founder of Awareness Angels, warrior for all kids out there, and fighting a rare and misunderstood disease.


Anonymous said...

Hi there....please join us at PAC2 if you haven't already...People Against Childhood Cancer...

Also please sign our petition and post on your blog and/or pass along to others:

Thanks....we have a big fight in raising awareness for childhood cancers and could use your help!

the original Awareness Warrior said...

Ahhh! Thank you for posting that, but I have one correction...I have never had cancer, thank God! My disease is called dermatomyositis, and is in the lupus/scleroderma/RA family (though it def. doesn't fit any of those categories), and is an autoimmune disease. Basically one day my body was fighting something, probably a virus or infection, and forgot how to stop, thus attacking my muscles, skin & joints, causing pain, weakness, inability to walk, and without treatment, inability to swallow, and even death.

Glad to hear Little Warrior is doing so well! God bless!
~Alex (I now have a blogger,