Monday, June 2, 2008

Finding a Deed "Outside the Norm"

Ok, I'm obsessing. I try to do good deeds all the time, but I've been stuck on the 'something you wouldn't normally do' part. As I told LittleWarrior's mom a while ago, I even make soup for people I don't like. So it's taken me a while to find something outside my norm.

I was on a date with my husband last night (rare enough, but hey, the babysitter is finally home from college)--dinner and a movie at the local mall. The mall just put in those rent-able SmartCart strollers, and someone has left one in the middle of the parking lot, ignoring
that 'DO NOT LET THIS THINGY LEAVE THE BUILDING' sticker. So I pushed it back to the entrance, dumped the soda cups in the trash (remember when strollers didn't have cup holders!?) and left it just inside the door, so some kid might get a free ride and some parent might get to
lighten the load.

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