Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Love through Comic Book

Oh, this is so cool. Thank you to the anonymous person who did this, and thank you to the recipient, who posted about it on her blog. You both rock.

Condensed version of her post:

I know that some of you are aware of my Amazon wishlist ... I unexpectedly received an item from my wishlist in the mail!

After getting my surprise copy, I read it through and loved it ... It was a great book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Of course, I wanted to figure out who had sent this to me, and so I checked the receipt. I found this note:
from a blog reader, in honor of Little Warrior
see http://lovethroughaction.blogspot.com/
As a result, it's only right that I give Little Warrior a little blog time here...

... I can honestly say, Little Warrior, that this good deed made me feel pretty good on a dark day. Thank you for inspiring people!

Now I need to keep LW in mind when I'm out and about and think of a good deed I can do.

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