Saturday, June 7, 2008

Heavenly Hats

Little Warrior's hair is beginning to fall out. Not in chunks, but a fine thinning all over. I gently stroke her hair and blond strands cling to my fingers.

The Heavenly Hats Foundation to the rescue! Today, we received a box in the mail from them. Little Warrior was so excited! She has modeled all her hats for us.

If you're looking for a good deed for a group -- here's a good one. Hold a hat drive or hat parade at your work, school, church, etc.


ogre said...

Absolutely. Great group. And here's another:
My goddaughter donated her long hair. So did our minister, and one of the men in the congregation.

Christine Robinson said...

Looks like she's doing great...physically and emotionally.

Spring Chick said...

Thanks Ogre and Rev. Christine. Personally, I prefer because they donate wigs for free, and will give them to children with hair loss from chemotherapy. (locksoflove charges a fee, and is only for children with permanent hair loss, mostly alopecia.)

But that's just personal preference. Helping children -- or anyone -- is always wonderful.

Semalee said...

I've been waiting until I actually did it to tell you, but I guess now is the right time. I've been growing my hair with intent to donate it to Beautiful Lengths in Renna's name. I've got 2 inches to go :)

Spring Chick said...

Semalee -- cool! Beautiful Lengths is another good one. Be sure and send me a picture when you do it! :)

ShelbyMeyerhoff said...

Those are adorable hats!