Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Special Tipping -- Always a Good Deed!

A friend, DK, home from her first year of college, started working as a server at an inexpensive local restaurant. Last night was her first night on her own after a week of shadowing other servers. My family went there for dinner (sitting in the section of another friend who is also working there for the summer).

DK’s section was next to ours. When DK went out of sight to process a credit card, I took $10 to her customers’ table. I told them I was a friend of their server DK and that not only was it her first night (which they knew) but that they were her very first table. I told them that I wanted DK to have an extra good night, and that I wanted them to leave the $10 with their tip but not let her know I was involved. They were happy to help.

There was no time for me to tell them about LW even though I was doing it with her in mind.


Note from Little Warrior's Mom: I waited tables while in college, so I know this was appreciated by DK! That first night is terrifying!

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Maggie May said...

your slideshow...she is so cute and adorable and beautiful. i have a 6 year old daughter and taught preschool, two years olds, for years, and i know the magic of girls at this age. Little Warriors smile is so cute that sun rays come giggling out of it. you must kiss those cheeks all the time! tell Little Warrior that my daughter Lola and I are thinking up something great to do in her honor.