Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Slumber Party

The Husband turned 40 and I turned 39. (Yes, we have the same birthday. Isn't that the coolest?) Little Warrior was in the hospital. Okay, so we'll just have a family slumber party. After all, all you need is love. Of course, cupcakes don't hurt, either.


Rebecca said...

Great t-shirt, Jackson!!! :) I didn't iknow ya'll shared a birthday. Happy birthday to you both... and Marenna sure looks like she's enjoying all of those cupcakes. Good think thre are so many!

Maggie May said...

your spirit is amazing and shines through your daughter and your party and your words!

happy birthday

ogre said...

So here's a love in action tale...

Our congregations's first legal same sex wedding was today. Full-blown wedding, invite the friends and family and congregation... had to be out of doors with that many of us... blow-out reception party. And it was awesome.

(I was honored to be asked to light the chalice by these wonderful women, but that's almost a tangent, save that it explains why I was part of the rehearsal dinner.)

It's been hot here. So the rehearsal ran slow and late.

The couple, late... on their way to the dinner... spotted two dogs on the winding road leading to the freeway, and stopped... collected the dogs... and spent time looking for their owners and home. Fortunately, it didn't turn into hours and they didn't ahve to figure out what to do with the dogs for long, because after 10-15 minutes they found someone who knew whose dogs they were.

But the act of caring and consideration made me immediately think of this site. Blowing off (potentially) their own rehearsal dinner to help a couple dogs and total strangers avoid disaster.