Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Deeds from Facebook

Thanks to Jenna for setting up the Love Through Action Facebook group and for forwarding these on:

I make it a point not to do too many nice things, so this was a tough one. Hope the munchkin is OK - keep me updated.

So anywho, I sent my mom flowers on my birthday to thank her for the whole birthing thing and what not. I sent her flowers to work with a note saying that it's because of her that I have the chance to have a good life and thank you.



Here's my good deed this month-

A few weeks ago an elderly man backed into my car while trying to park for church. He wasn't even aware he had hit me, but he left quite a noticeable dent in the front of my car. He left that day after the service before I could talk to him. I thought about what to do, and several people urged me to call him up, tell him about it, and make him deal with the insurance company, etc. I decided instead just to take care of it on my own and not embarrass or bother him. It ended up not being much money after all. I know his insurance would have covered it, but I felt better just quietly taking care of it for him.

Kate, Newcastle, Maine

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Masasa said...

I just celebrated my birthday yesterday, and I borrowed that idea of sending flowers to my mother. She and I have a somewhat firey relationship, but I like when I can let her know how much I love her. I know it made her day, just by her tone of voice on the phone. And I am certain she was all that much more likely to do something extra special for someone else after that. That was a good one!