Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Good Deed -- and spreading the love ...

from Marianne:

I've been looking for an opportunity and found one this afternoon. I stopped at Starbucks. Behind me in line were two teenaged girls, one wearing a tee shirt from a recent musical performed at a local high school. I told the girls that some friends had seen the musical and said it was outstanding. The girls were pleased. I paid for my drink and told the cashier that I would be paying for whatever the girls ordered. Of course the girls said, "Oh, no. You don't have to do that!". I told them that I did have to do it and that I'd explain after they ordered.

While we waited for our drinks I explained about Little Warrior and why I was doing a a good deed. One girl said to the other, "You should do that, too." I told her I agreed, took out my business card, and wrote the facebook group name and Little Warrior's name on it.

Now I want to print labels telling people how to report their good deeds in Little Warrior's name. I will attach the labels to the back of my business cards and start handing them out! So, please tell me the best way for people to get their stories to you.

Much love,


Note from Little Warrior's Mom: probably the easiest ways to get them to us are either through this website -- in comments -- or to email to . As always, Thank You -- we are so touched.

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