Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good Deed from Australia!

Dear Little Warrior,

At your mother's suggestion and in your honor my wife, Kristi, and I have decided to be more generous with someone this week than we would otherwise have been.

His name is Aaron, he is the son of a friend of ours, and and he is graduating from high school this month. I wrote him a letter and I was sending him a check for $50 as a graduation gift (he's not rich and I expect he'll need money for college expenses). Then I thought about your bright smile, your courage, and the wonderful gift of love and life you have brought to your family already.

So I tore up my first check and wrote another one for $100.

If Aaron knew, he'd probably write you a thank you note. This is, anyway, a thank you note from me and from Kristi. You have had a positive effect on one of our actions. I trust the results will ripple forward for a long, long time.

Best wishes,

Bob and Kristi

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