Sunday, May 25, 2008

Deeds and Letter

Dear Little Warrior -

When you were sick the first time, I held a blood drive in your name. Then I held another a year ago. You didn't need the blood at that time, but I was thinking of you and all of those who needed blood but never had a chance to donate. You have never once had the selfish thought that you would just walk right by that bloodmobile because you just don't like needles. I hope that when you are grown up enough to make that choice, you think of the cost to others. If you do, you'll be a lot more aware than most people.

In February, a friend in my MOMS Club watched her 3-year-old hemophiliac son fall 18 feet out of a window by pushing too hard on the screen. He was life-flighted from Tyler (grandma's house) to Dallas Children's and spent a couple of weeks there. He broke several bones in his face and needed reconstructive surgery. He needed a lot of expensive medication (one was $27,000 per day). He has only 8 teeth until his permanent ones grow in. I took up a collection from my MOMS Club for this friend. We took over $1200 and many gifts and necessities up to Dallas. I was doing this for Aaron and Amy, but it was you I was thinking of. All of your time at Children's Hospital helped me to understand the need for gas cards, parking passes, unscented lotions, entertainment for mom, gift cards for the restaurants, etc. We cleaned this mother's house and stocked her fridge with groceries and casseroles.

Again, in April, a friend from MOMS Club had her 5-month-old baby in Children's Hospital. She was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease. She's now home and healthy, but for two weeks, I helped take care of this mom and baby with visits, food, treats, house cleaning, and babysitting. I drove all the way to the airport to pick up the child's grandma and take her to Children's Hospital. I was thinking of you on that drive.

In March, April, and May, I have, along with my MOMS Club, cooked dinners for the attendees at Bo's Place ( I hope none of you never need their services, but I'm glad to say they are there if you do. My MOMS Club also raised over $750 to help with Bo's Place's operating expenses. Now we're gathering handmade blankets for Project Linus.

When you were sick you were surrounded by the family and friends that your wonderful parents were clever and resourceful enough to gather. I was not of much use to your parents before and even now I am one among hundreds who are waiting for just a word to give anything you need. Not everyone has that support. Everything I did for other sick kids and their families I hope I can say I would have done anyway. But know that I was thinking of you and of my own, healthy daughter when I did all of this. It's a great world, filled with wonderful people. Most of them aren't doing the things I do. Some of us pull weeds from a neighbor's yard or take chicken soup to a sick friend. Some of us just stop in the middle of the road, get out of our cars, and help a turtle safely from the road to the ditch on the other side. But whatever it is, this world is full of love if you only look for it.

Your world is full of love. You are made of love and light, a child of the stars, a 'gift from the sea.' Whatever your journal ends up saying, you will never know the number of people who are thinking of you with love at any minute.


Rachel Y

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