Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Cool Breeze of Good Deeds

So, I want to do something more than this, but as a start, I've started adding two dollars to every tip I give and will be doing this for a long time, at least a year, although it seems like such a small thing to do, yet feels good to me, I think I might keep it up forever. I'm sure I don't even notice those few dollars, but having been a waitress (however briefly and pathetically) I know that that bigger than expected tip (I already always tip 20% minimum) is just a nice little smile for someone's day, or extra food on the table or that extra little surprise to yourself or whatever. I'll do this with taxis, eating out, baggage helpers, etc. I travel kind of a lot so it adds up. It is small but it reminds me to live generously, and that I have been given SO MUCH by luck and my parents and those who love and care for me and I can afford to give more back to the world. Each time I do it, I think of LW and how someday she will know that while there is no reason that this happened to her, because it did, at least it helps some of us to remember to do more good in the world and be more generous.

Second small thing is that we have three working air conditioners that we don't want anymore (so much energy and they are so loud) and I thought I would sell them for $25 each so that I could but the $75 back toward a newer nicer quieter one. But I thought of LW and said, hey, it is one little thing I could do that I wouldn't have normally done. So, three air conditioners are sitting free on our sidewalk, with the request that people who need a free one take them.

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Anonymous said...

thats gorgeous. you should try checking out this websitehttp://home.hiram.edu/hal/good%20deed%20ideas.htm
it has billions of good dedds that you can just imagine doing and the smile it leaves on peoples faces. really check it out.

my congratulations unto you for turning out such a genuinely nice persona