Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gardening, Patience and Prom Dress!

Dear Little Warrior,

My friend Marianne passed on this opportunity to pay it forward in your honor, so I'm writing to let you know what I've done.

I spent two hours last week gardening for a friend who has just had surgery for liver cancer. I had already offered to do it, but when I started getting discouraged and my back hurt, thinking of you helped me to keep going!

Then I went to help my parents set up their new computer, and took my dad to the pool so he could do his exercises. He gets very cranky when he's exercising, and it would have been easy to be cranky right back at him, but as I was about to snap back, out of the blue I thought of you, and I didn't say what I almost said!

Tomorrow, I'm taking a teenage girl I know, who has thyroid cancer, to shop for prom dresses. We'll do that in your honor, too!

Thank you!
Kim S.

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