Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quick Deeds!

Quick Deeds by fellow seminarian, Earthbound Spirit. (We love quick deeds, because they show how easy it can be to have an impact on others ... do it on the fly ...)

(1) As we walked into Starbucks the other day I handed my dear friend Cat my card and told her to order what she wanted, my treat. Partly as a thank you - she's been such a great sounding board at seminary - but I also told her about LW & your request & asked her to do something good for someone. I think the barista heard me - because when we picked them up she said "I accidentally made them grande, not tall, hope you don't mind!" and gave us a wink.

(2) We almost always give to food pantry collections at church. This weekend was the letter carriers collection - leave a bag of food by your mailbox for them to pick up. I never do that - but this time I did.

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